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Promoters of Donear Group acquire OCM Woolen Mills
The promoters of Mumbai-based Donear Group have announced the acquisition of OCM Woolen Mills. The acquisition of OCM, which manufactures a premium range of high-quality all-wool and wool-blended worsted suiting fabrics, will enable the Donear Group to expand its range of products to the Indian consumers for all weather conditions and for all occasions. This acquisition makes Donear Group India......

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Angolan factory sends 2nd cotton yarn shipment to Portugal
Angolan bolt branch Alassola will forward a additional addition of affection yarn belief 100 tonnes from the anchorage of Lobito to Portugal, to be acclimated by some top Portuguese bolt firms, according to aggregation administrator Tambwe Mukaz. The aboriginal such addition of 156 tonnes to Portugal was accomplished in October 2016, according to an African account bureau report. Alassola is th......

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Cotton prices oscillate in Brazilian bazaar in November
Cotton prices oscillated hardly in the Brazilian bazaar in the aboriginal fortnight of November, the Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics (CEPEA) said in its fortnightly report. Some traders were active, blurred allurement prices, consistent in the CEPEA/ESALQ Index alone 0.6 per cent back October 31, closing at 2.3940 BRL per batter on November 14. “While purchasers were alert to a......

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CFoam-dyeing technology set to transform denim industry
The denim industry is all set for transformation with the accession of foam-dyeing technology. The foam-dyeing action by Azure Comminute Designs (IMD), will acquiesce bolt mills to aftermath decay in abundant abate quantities than accepted dyeing processes, if desired. Cream dyeing of yarn is a new technology that is environmentally affable and bulk effective. In accession to abbreviation waste......

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